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Live Saturday April 10th, 10 AM - Noon - A SPECIAL BROADCAST!

Karl and Carl join Sedge Thomson on West Coast Live from Skywalker Ranch Soundstage.

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Karl and Carl had a great time being part of  LITQUAKE X and also the California Writers Club anniversary event  at Book Passage.  Here’s what writer Randy Burton Wong had to say in the RED ROOM.   Thanks Randy!  

"... Carl and Karl (aka Geoff Bolt and Michael O’Brien) appear on the syndicated radio program West Coast Live, as co-hosts of “Tips on Travel.” They have compiled over 4,387 tips on travel, and over 50 useful ones ..."

Well, whoever they are, they were the funniest act I've seen in a really long time.  Listening to them talk reminded me of two people who have spent way too much time around each other to the point where they can finish each other's sentences, but not necessarily in the way the other intended to finish them.  Their act feels like two writers trying to type the same sentence while fighting for control over the mouse and keyboard.  Carl and Karl were simply hilarious.

by Randy Burton Wong

October 19, 2009

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